Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cashing In On St Patrick's Day

Americans are projected to spend  $4.6 billion dollars celebrating the "Luck of The Green" 
While St. Pat's accounts for the lowest retail spend of the year it still can pack a punch for many retailers. The average American will spend $35 on the Holiday, now that is green worth celebrating!


Quick Facts About Consumerism On St. Patrick's Day
  • 50% of Americans plan on celebrating St. Pat's Day
  • 82% will purchase green apparel, hats, t-shirts or accessories
  • 30% will go bar hopping to throw back some green beers
  • 30% will cook a special dinner at home; such as corn beef & hash
  • 24% will spend money on decorations for their home,school or office
  • 19% will attend a private parties
  • 13 Million pints of Guinness beer are consumed
  • 4.2 Billion pints of green beer are consumed

Battle Of The Green At Drive Thru
You can now order your Shamrock Shakes from Mc Donald's which is available in 14,000 locations Nationwide.  There is a Shamrock Shake fan club that has over 2100 fans and is growing faster than a leprechaun. http://www.shamrockshake.com/  

To battle against the golden arches, Burger King introduced a special offer of free fries all weekend,while supplies last. This plan may have Mc Donald's green with envy as the King's free fries comes with green ketchup provided by Heinz. No coupon needed!

Cashing In On Decorations & Apparel

If you are part of the 24% of Americans who plan on decorating your home, office or class room you can cash in on this online offer from Party City and save $10.00 off your decorations.

With 82% of American's buying appareal for St. Pat's day their is a good chance that you will need a cool t-shirt, check out these affordable shirts from Old Navy $5-8 bucks Old Navy T's



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