Friday, February 24, 2012

8 Retail Predictions That Will Come True

1. Self serve kiosks will become a prominent option with retailers and restaurants.  

2. Mobile payment will replace debit cards.

3. Bricks and mortar will continue to outsell online retailers.

4. Significant increase in retailers offering personalized-custom options.

5. Mobile marketing with consumer targeted geo-fencing will become the new junk mail.

6. Convenience stores will become quick serve restaurants.

7. Technology will be everywhere within retail and will create job elimination.

8. Re-dedication to the consumer experience vs. a strong focus on price and product. 


  1. The "technology everywhere" in retail will enable the stores that focus on the basics of the shopping experience (welcome, smile, thank you) to make a real difference.

  2. Thanks for your comment & I agree with you that retail needs to deliver a premium at-store market experience. Omni-channel marketing is a must in these times & the sooner retailers figure it out the sooner they will be more successful!